Doctoral Program in Human Care Science. Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba

Admission information (Information on entrance examination)

A schedule of admission and guidelines for application are available at University Website「information on graduate school entrance examination」. Before applying, be sure to contact the research supervisor with whom you wish.


Open campus

Information for open campus 2022

2022’s Open Campus was held on June 20-24, 2022.

Thank you for your participation.


Every year, if there are no problems, the entrance examination is scheduled to take place in August. If you are interested in enrolling in our degree program, please contact each faculty member in the laboratory of your choice individually to discuss your options (check the individual faculty information on the “Faculty Profiles” page for contact information). You should also check graduate school application forms and keep an eye on the latest information on how the entrance examinations are conducted.


How to get past entrance exam questions

We send parts of past entrance exam questions without copyright infringement by mail to those who wish to receive them. If you wish, please put the following items (1) and (2) in an envelope and mail it to the address below. After receiving the documents, we will send the past exam questions by mail in about one week (Requests for past papers are accepted throughout the year. If you make a request just before the entrance examination date, we will not be able to deliver the past papers before the entrance examination date, so please apply well in advance). In addition, please refrain from distributing past exam questions through copying or reproduction without permission.

(1) A square 2 (A4 size) envelope with 210 yen worth of postage stamps attached and your name and address clearly written on the envelope.

(2) A document stating the name of the degree program you wish to apply for and your contact information (telephone number or e-mail address where you can be reached during the daytime).
 (Use the word file here for the format)

(Note) Past papers will only be sent for the previous year (Basically August term, and February term if held).

If you have any questions, please contact us.

General Research Building D, 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8577, Japan
Human Care Sciences/Public Health Degree Program Office, University of Tsukuba

Inquiries (Accepted only by phone. Weekdays from 9:15am to 5:15pm)


Q&A for the applicant for admission

Q&A mentioned below is general information. For more information, please contact your academic advisor or professor you want to be supervised by in this program. Email address is available at TRIOS (a comprehensive list of researcher’s information, University of Tsukuba) linking with the professor’s name listed at「Faculty」menu,or personal or department homepage on the right side of professor’s name.

1.What kind of subjects are required? When do the classes start? Let me know the information on the period, day of the week, exact time, etc.
Both programs, namely the doctoral program in Human Care Science and the doctoral program in Public Health, have six required and common courses (Foundation Subjects for Major) as listed below. One subject has one credit, composed of intensive classes on Saturday and Sunday (AM8:40-PM4:30 or –PM6:00). These required subjects are generally offered in the first and second years and can be selected not in any specific or particular order (for example, you can register 4 subjects in the first year and then 2 subjects in the second year). Please refer to syllabi and details at website

Foundation Subjects for Major Semester
Special lectures on human care science I Spring semester
Special lectures on human care science II Spring semester
Special lectures on human care science Ⅲ Fall semester
Special lectures on public health Ⅰ Spring semester
Special lectures on public health Ⅱ Fall semester
Special lectures on public health Ⅲ Fall semester

2.Currently I have a job. Will I be able to write my doctoral thesis after entering university while continuing working?

Many graduate students are working at hospitals, clinics, schools, research or welfare institutions, and so on, either as full-time, part-time staff, or as a regular employee or a manager. They are making use of their limited precious time while receiving substantial consideration and cooperation from their workplaces. Besides, there are also some graduate students taking the doctoral courses here while taking care of children or other family members. Thus, the situation is different for each case, and please get in touch with your professor or advisor you want to be supervised by before taking the entrance exam by email etc.

3.Like an undergraduate student, I cannot go to school every day now. My deep concern about whether I can handle my studies at graduate school?

The required mandatory foundation subjects for major are offered on Saturday and Sunday. The electives’ optional courses are managed by each laboratory based on their independent policies. In some cases, it is possible to be even supervised using email, telephone, or video calls residing in a distant location from the University. You are advised to consult with your supervisor or professor you want to be supervised by before you take an entrance examination on these issues in detail by email etc.

4. Are there any spaces available for graduate students in a research building? Is there any desk available for student’s personal use?

Our program offers a shared common lounge as well as a personal study desk for graduate students enrolled inside the faculty building. Besides, some laboratories prepare spaces or desks for graduate students. Some spaces are surely offered for your personal use or your stay after entering school, and you don’t have to carry your belongings with you all the time. Correctly, details will be fixed and decided on the location of the common usage room, the particular desk, and bookshelves you can use only after your enrollment.

5.Please give me information such as scholarships.

There are several scholarship programs and categories available that graduate students can apply for. For the required information, please refer to website「University of Tsukuba」.
Scholarship・Attendance support system →These sites refer to in detail on admission fee exemption, tuition fee exemption, and the explanation of various scholarships available.
Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship Program →This site provides comprehensive information and explanation on Japan Student Services Organization’s scholarships.
Besides, information on other scholarships is available at the University website, especially at the end of a fiscal year (around February ~ March), so please pay attention to related information on the University website after enrollment regularly.

6. I want to have the information on the specific fields, subjects, current interests, academic strategic approaches of the affiliated faculties in these programs.

Some faculty members have their homepage. Please refer to the HP links at the right side of the professor’s name listed at the menu of(「Faculty」Also, information on research achievements or social activities of faculty members is available at a comprehensive list of researcher’s information (TRIOS) at the University Home page. Please start searching the website clicking on the menu bar「Faculty」.