Doctoral Program in Human Care Science. Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba
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About the doctoral program

With the start of the 2020 fiscal year, the doctoral program in human care science is reorganized into two doctoral programs: human care science and public health.


The original doctoral program in human care science course was established in 2001 that encompasses multidisciplinary fields relating to human support care such as general education, psychology, physical education, health science, medicine, nursing, and education, to provide a holistic and scientific approach. Over the last 19 years through this program, we have cultivated professionals who are enriched in research and problem-solving capabilities to handle diverse human global issues in the 21st-century. Additionally, in 2017, we launched the only doctoral degree program in Public Health under the umbrella of the National University Corporation in collaboration with the National Institute of Public Health as a cooperation graduate school. Such a unique multi- and inter-disciplinary research and educational program has produced professionals having extensive and in-depth knowledge and research abilities in the diverse spectrum of public health


To date, around 320 students have graduated from doctoral program in human care science; most of them are now demonstrating their outstanding activities and leadership in the front lines in the academic research or social fields with affiliations at universities or research institutes. Based on these impactful achievements, now doctoral program in human care science awards a degree of Ph.D. in human care science, and doctoral program in public health awards a degree of Ph.D. in public health, respectively. Exploiting these integrated twin programs dynamically, graduate students can learn theories and research methods of a diverse research fields, and receive research guidance from faculties across related disciplines. Besides, there is also active interaction between students and mutual learning with students from other fields, which is undoubtedly a fruitful attraction of these programs.


Rapid declining birthrate and a growing proportion of older people have given rise to unforeseen strain on our daily life and health conditions at any level of social structures, such as family, community, schools, and working places. Besides, we are now facing an unexpectedly diverse and severe distortion in the environment, society, economics, and culture on a global basis, warranting effective solutions.


Our twin integrated doctoral degree programs, human care science, and public health, provide optimum environment for research and education welcoming people who are eager to explore the frontiers of broad and cross-disciplinary knowledge and acquire advanced research abilities, to tackle unsolved problems and innovate effective solutions in the fields of human care or public health.